Primed Fitness is for those who know that they are scratching the surface of their physical potential.

Some indications that usually point if you’re a good fit is your shirts getting tighter, you have been too long on that extra notch of the belt, energy is drained from work and family. Maybe you have tried fad diets, meal plans, detoxes, personal trainers, cutting carbs or a combination of all those.

The key in Primed Fitness is maintaining the results you get and having a go-to tailored process for the rest of your life. Stats show 95% of people who go on a traditional weight-loss plan regain the weight within two years. My ethos isn’t that you failed the diet but that the diet failed you. My track record shows people keep results for the long term (see testimonials). My role with you as a fitness consultant is to teach. I never expect clients to follow a plan blindly but to question and learn during the process to never need support with fitness again (that includes not needing me!).

The result? A total body transformation of dropping fat and building muscle with toned shoulders, arms and stomach. You have more energy coming home from work. Feel more confident naked. Have your clothes fitted in the right places. Fit into the size pants you had leaving university. The most important result of all is that you keep these results for life!

If this resonates with you and you want to find out more, book a 15-minute call to see if we are a good fit for each other.